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PIF Education Platform was established in order to provide a great opportunity and a valuable educational experience for our children to learn knowledge, and socialize with other children and make friends from diverse background. Our teaching staff are composed of enthusiastic individuals who are successful in their respective fields of specialization, bringing a variety of skills and strengths to the classroom.

Mission & Vision

Education Platform thrives to provide a safe and stimulating program, which caters for the children’s different ages, gender and cultural backgrounds while attempting to encompass individual needs and interests. The safety of the children is the paramount consideration during program provision.

The Education Platform (EP) fulfills its mission and vision through:
• challenging our children to aim high, work together, develop leadership skills, and resolve conflicts peacefully;
• providing supplementary courses and provide homework assistance, tutoring and subject reviews in numeracy and literacy to improve the achievement of students;
• developing our students’ appreciation for and knowledge of Turkish and English language, traditions and culture in a caring friendly and enjoyable environment. To this end, we hold ceremonies and celebrations at our Pearl school on Turkish and NZ national and festival days where students sing songs recite poems;
• providing students with opportunities not only to learn their own language and culture, but also meet some people in the same and different culture. Interacting with the people who have the same and different languages help the students to understand the values of other groups and cultures in harmony: Diversity-Respect-Equity;
• encouraging healthy and active life styles by dedicating time slots, to sportive and outdoor and indoor activities. Organizing fun and social activities such as making kite, craft, origami, field and cultural trips to places such as, Motat, Marae Museum, Zoo, to improve the sense of belonging to NZ;
• preserving their heritage we give opportunities to cherish their heritage and learn about their culture. These opportunities range from courses to social activities to folkloric dance classes and to art exhibitions;
• inviting members of civil offices to give presentation and interact with students to improve their understanding of rules and regulations of the society.
• organizing ‘Parent Seminar’ encourages parents that they CAN make a difference in the lives of their children, and equips them to do just that.

• Early Childhood Care Centre Services
• School educational services for three different age groups:
– Primary School Age,
– Secondary School Age
– Adult Turkish Language Classes
• Study Tour to Turkey
• Parent Seminar
• School Holiday Programme
• Folkloric Dance Class
• Art Exhibition