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Our organisation engages in two main projects as part of our Humanitarian Aid.

Food Parcels is a campaign initiated to share the love with communities and people around us. Each year, we run two appeals. One during Ramadan, and one during Christmas.

A food parcel contains food that has a long shelf live and is provided to people who are suffering from hardship that may need a helping hand.

Pearl of the Islands Foundation works with various charities and organisations to maximise the efficiency of these donations. We are trying to make a positive difference through our actions.

Qurban is a campaign which allows the less privileged to gain access to meat. The word is related to ‘offering’ and ‘sacrifice’. A sponsor essentially offers an animal, by donating money, which is then given to an individual or family who is/are desperately in need.

Pearl of the Islands Foundation helps individuals donate to this Qurban Appeal. Each year, we embark on a project to celebrate the Eid festival of Qurban together with communities in need.