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PIF Women’s Platform was established in order to direct those those who have potential to address and detect problems that may exist in New Zealand and around the globe and help to solve them.


Our mission is to bring all women together with common values by creating strong bonds and developing dialogue, despite the cultural, ethnic and religious views and put forward different solutions to peace.

Vision & Aim

Our visions is to achieve perfect social cohesion as a women’s movement. WP aims to expand the field of activities in different environments and situations that we’re involved in by benefiting from all the cultural wealth they possess.


WP takes part is new activities and services organised every day building on existing frameworks to gain strength. The long term and dynamic vision allows continuos production of new ideas. Under the mission and aim, mother’s day programmes, Turkish tea and cooking nights, fundraising events, humanitarian campaigns, visiting rest-homes are some of many activities that are coordinated within this platform. All of these events are executed by volunteering ladies who are PIF members.