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Students and teachers attending this year’s 2016 ANZAC Tour were invited to a pre-tour gathering at Pearl of the Islands Foundation.

The families of students, PIF representatives, board members and other special guests also attended.

Australian T.V. personality George Donikian and Australian Intercultural Society director Ahmet Keskin met the group participants and also addressed a few words.

Dr. Ashraf Choudhary initiated the event and welcomed all the guests to the event. He invited our Australian visitors to speak to the audience.

George Donikian will host this year’s International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) to be held in the Syndey Opera House. He expressed that it was a great opportunity for students to attend the event, which could lead them to be participants in the future.

Mr. Keskin also encouraged them to make the most of the chance they have been presented with.

PIF director Taner Basar, who had been leading annual ANZAC tour since 2012, stated that he would be missing out this year as the group travels to Australia, Vietnam and Thailand.

2014 ANZAC Tour participant Daetona Rawiri had committed to learning Turkish ever since. For the first time this year, a student from New Zealand will be taking part in the IFLC. The Auckland Grammar School student was invited on stage to introduce himself and also perform a snippet of his actual performance in Sydney.

Daetona’s father also took time to express just how much the tour had changed his son’s outlook on life. He thanked the foundation for all their time and effort in contributing to his development.

Ms. Cornwell emphasized on how lucky the students were to be part of this organisation and tour. As the speeches came to an end, all our guests were invited to enjoy the foods prepared by PIF volunteers.

We thank all our students, teachers, board members and special guests for attending. We believe the ANZAC tour will be very enjoyable and a fantastic experience for all participants.

2016 ANZAC Tour Gathering