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To foster understanding and acceptance between people of diverse communities through meaningful engagement and intercultural events.


A harmonious, enlightened, and socially cohesive Aotearoa New Zealand.

Why PIF?

New Zealand could be deemed to be a pearl among all the islands in the Pacific. At its inception, this was the inspiration behind the name. Hence, ‘Pearl of the Islands Foundation’ was born.

About Us

PIF works comprehensively to celebrate diversity and advance social cohesion between cultures to contribute to the educational, cultural and overall social well-being of Aotearoa through its established institutions, platforms, and activities.

Alongside community engagement and outreach, we do this through a number of intercultural and interfaith dialogue-based events such as Ramadan Iftar dinners, talks, and panels.

Pearl of the Islands Foundation is a registered Incorporated Society (1861117) and a charitable entity under the Charities Act (CC44418).

What is dialogue?

We aim to facilitate dialogue on a whole range of social issues, irrespective of ethnicity or religion. In its essence, dialogue consists of meaningful engagement and exchange between members of diverse groups. Dialogue takes place through conversations and events with the goal of increased understanding, and ultimately, acceptance of one another.

Our Structure

PIF has staff that run day-to-day operations of the organisation, a Managing Committee that provides consultation and guidance, and an Advisory Board that offers expert advice in their respective fields and provides feedback on PIF’s current and future projects.