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16 October, 2019
6:00 pm
Pearl of the Islands Foundation, Unit B, Level 1, 404-412 Khyber Pass Road, Newmarket, Auckland

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    Speaker bios

    Khairiah A Rahman is Senior Lecturer at the School of Communication Studies, AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand where she lectures in intercultural communication and public relations. She is the Secretary for Media Education for the Asian Congress for Media and Communication. She is also on the advisory board of the Pacific Media Centre at AUT University and serves as their Associate Researcher and Assistant Editor of the Pacific Journalism Review Journal. Khairiah has written articles, book chapters and presented research on transnational identities, crisis miscommunication, intercultural trust relationships, media representations and the Islamic perspective of dialogue and persuasion. Her joint article on Intercultural communication study in New Zealand (2017) was published in The International Encyclopaedia of Intercultural Communication (John Wiley & Sons). Her joint research on Media representations of Islam and Muslims in New Zealand (2018) was cited in various media outlets including RNZ (Radio New Zealand), the spinoff.co.nz and The Pacific Media Watch.

    Tayyaba Khan is the founder of Khadija Leadership Network, the NZ Peace Ambassador for the European Muslim League, and a community development practitioner with over 15 years of experience having worked with migrant and refugee communities in the Occupied Territories of Palestine, Australia, United Kingdom and New Zealand. Since 9/11 Tayyaba has worked extensively with the Muslim community on a range of initiatives including raising awareness around the self-loathing syndrome perpetuated by media representation, politicians, and community leaders alike. Tayyaba is deeply passionate about working with minority and faith-based communities. Her particular interest with these demographics is posited in utilizing social justice, human rights, and ethical approaches to building a better and more peaceful world for everyone. Tayyaba is a regular panellist on The Panel, Radio NZ and The AM Show.