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The ‘Children of Abraham’ organised this year’s panel discussion on ‘Preserving the Environment: Abrahamic Faiths in Dialogue’ in which sustainability was explored. Dr Emily Colgan (Christianity), Senior Lecturer at Trinity College, Amr Saleh (Islam), Auckland City Hospital Imam and Debbie Miller (Judaism), Beth Shalom Educator shared insights and referenced relevant scriptures on the topic.

The panel discussion took place at Beth Shalom Progressive Synagogue. President Olga Bernstein delivered the official welcome on behalf of all three organisations behind this event. What became clear from all three talks was how the Abrahamic Faith Groups are well-positioned to play a leading role in stimulating action to preserve our environment. We have a Biblical duty to be guardians who protect our planet. While each speaker took a slightly different approach in presenting their talks, there was significant commonality across them. After a Q and A with all three speakers, Paul Wilton wrapped up the event with the vote of thanks. On behalf of the three speakers, and Yasir who will be leaving his role at the Pearl of the Islands Foundation, native trees were planted in recognition of their contribution. The event concluded with some light refreshments with the opportunity for attendees to mix and mingle.

‘Children of Abraham’ – an Abrahamic religions interfaith initiative – was formed by the Pearl of the Islands Foundation, Holy Trinity Cathedral, and the Beth Shalom Progressive Synagogue, in order to promote mutual understanding, co-operation, and pro-active inclusion of all who stand in the Abrahamic tradition.

PANEL: Preserving the Environment: Abrahamic Faiths in Dialogue