Home > News > Pearl of the Islands Foundation endorses the UN resolution for an “immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce”

For over 17 years, the Pearl of the Islands Foundation Inc (PIF) has tirelessly worked in Aotearoa New Zealand, dedicating itself to nurturing mutual respect, understanding, and acceptance among the diverse communities through meaningful engagement. We wholeheartedly denounce all forms of violence, particularly when innocent civilians find themselves unwittingly ensnared in the midst of conflicts, bearing the ultimate cost despite their lack of direct involvement.


Our heartfelt concern extends to the well-being of innocent individuals from all sides amidst the unfolding situation in Israel and Gaza. In alignment with the United Nations’ call for a ceasefire, we urgently implore all parties to permit the unimpeded flow of aid, sustenance, and critical medical relief to those in dire need.


We call upon political leaders, representatives, and the global community as a whole to step in and put an end to this cycle of violence. We earnestly seek the safe return of all hostages and internally displaced communities, and we fervently emphasize the necessity of focusing efforts on discovering enduring solutions that will usher in long-lasting peace to the region.