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This Ramadan, we’ve asked attendees of our previous Iftar dinners to produce a video about their thoughts on Ramadan, what they miss about our Iftars, and if they had any messages.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see the videos as they are uploaded daily throughout the month of Ramadan. Here they are in order:

#PIFRamadanMessage – Michael Wood (Labour MP)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Naomi Johnson (PIF Advisory Board Member)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Douglas Pratt (Honorary Professor, UoA & PIF Advisory Board Member)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Rev Ivica Gregurec (Cathedral Precentor & PIF Advisory Board Member)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Andrew Codling (Head of the Vice Chancellor’s Office, AUT)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Mohamud Mohamed (Policy Advisor, MBIE)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Tayyaba Khan (Founder & CEO, Khadija Leadership Network)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Dr Parmjeet Parmar (National MP)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Abdul Celil Gelim (Community Engagement Director, PIF)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Brendan Telfer (Former Commentator & Presenter)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Asheera Ismail (Primary School Teacher)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Sheikh Rafat Najm (Imam, Al Hikmah Trust)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Khairiah Rahman (Senior Lecturer, AUT)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Pauline Cornwell (Principal, Papatoetoe Intermediate)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Musarrat Saleem (Teacher, Little Pearls Educare Centre)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Dr Chris Galloway (Senior Lecturer, Massey University)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Meng Foon (Race Relations Commissioner, HRC)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Lotu Fuli (Chairperson, Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Ensar & Tahir (School students)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Dr Mustafa Farouk (Senior Scientist, AgResearch)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Farid Ahmed (Homeopath & Peace Advocate)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Dr Ashraf Choudhary (Deputy Chairperson, Otara-Papatoetoe Local Board)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Niki Harre (Professor of Psychology, UoA)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Dr Jeffrey Stangl (Director of Strategic Partnerships, Massey University)


#PIFRamadanMessage – Abdulaziz Mohamud (Cultural Case Worker, WDHB)