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‘Separate but Together’ was an initiative put together to raise awareness and increase understanding of Muslims in Aotearoa New Zealand and beyond.

We asked those partaking in the breaking of the fast to share their experiences by either writing to us, sending us photos and/or videos.

Here are some experiences that were shared with us!

1. Niki Harre fasted on the day and had Moroccan Vegetable Harira soup along with dates and water for ‘Iftar.’ She appreciated the length Muslims fasted during Ramadan.

2. Karen Brewer had an Iftar dinner with her children who could be seen here passing around dates.

3. One person decided to just share a delicious meal they had. Sadly, we were not invited 😄

4. Suzanne Purdy appreciated being part of the initiative and learning more about Iftars. She was joined by her good friend Areej.

5. Kamran Qamar shared a series of wonderful meals and some drawings made by his children about what fasting and Ramadan meant for them.

Thank you to everyone who joined us not in person but in spirit #Separatebuttogether.