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Pearl of the Islands Foundation (PIF) put together a talk on ‘Healing after 15 March’ by Peace Advocate Farid Ahmed who shared his experiences and messages on forgiveness and love.

Dr Muhammed Aksu, Director at Bluestar Intercultural Centre, facilitated the conversation and relayed questions from viewers to Farid during the event.

You can watch a replay here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lZyaUiUwcM

Farid Ahmed has lived in New Zealand for 30 years. Twenty-one years ago he became a paraplegic when a drunk driver ran him over on the street. Miraculously Farid survived, but is now confined to a wheelchair. Despite that Farid is a Senior Leader at the Deans Ave Mosque in Christchurch and he works as a homeopath. Since the attacks he also speaks around the world, preaching his message of forgiveness and love.